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[sticky entry] Sticky: The Rani (AU)

Aug. 26th, 2017 08:37 pm
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CANON POINT:  Post "Hell-Bent"

An amoral, scientific genius, the Rani was a renegade Time Lord, and contemporary of both the Doctor and the Master. She was forced to leave Gallifrey when an experiment on mice made them grow to an enormous size and they ate the Lord President’s cat and took a bite out of the President as well. Following her exile, she set up an empire on Miasma Goria and experimented on its inhabitants. She made regular visits to Earth for human brain fluid. It was found that the extraction of this fluid made it so that the humans couldn't sleep, rendering them violent and unpredictable. One time, she was discovered by the Doctor and the Master and ultimately trapped with the latter and a growing Tyrannosaurus Rex embryo in her TARDIS. She and the Master managed to escape and she returned to her scientific endeavours. Her new plan was to channel the intellects of geniuses from across the universe – including the Doctor’s – into one giant brain. Foiled by the Doctor she was trapped in her TARDIS by the Tetraps. As with all Time Lords, she was recalled to Gallifrey during the Time War. Her main duties were to try to find and develop weapons that could be used to defeat the Daleks permanently. She was on the planet when Rassilon tried to bring it to Earth and when the Doctor ultimately sealed the War in a Time Lock by using The Moment. Therefore, when the Doctor went back on his own timeline and saved Gallifrey, she was saved as well. She was also on planet when the Twelfth Doctor was captured in his Confession Dial and returned there to exile Rassilon and the High Council. She is now looking for him to bring him back to Gallifrey and resume his duties as Lord President.

Detailed information here.

IC Permissions:
Hugging:She's pretty indifferent to physical affections.  So, she might not be repulsed by it, but she won't understand it either
Kissing: See above
Flirting: Go for it. But she doesn't flirt.  She's a scientist!
Fighting: If you must, but be prepared for her to fight back.
Injuring: Minor injuries are fine. Major, let's discuss first.
Killing: Let's discuss first.
Telepathy/Mind Reading: She's telepathic and has many defences with a streak of cruelty about her.  Best that we discuss first.

OOC Permissions:
Backtagging: Welcomed, encouraged, and can continue as long as players involved are interested.
Thread-Jacking: Party Posts and the like? Go for it. Otherwise, ask first, please.
Fourth Walling: No.
Universe Knowledge (Other Universes): A lot of what is fiction IRL universe is also fiction in the Whoniverse. Except those times when it isn't (ala Robin Hood).
Whoniverse Knowledge: Unless your character would have some direct reason to know of her existence, best treat her as if you don't know each other.
Offensive/Triggery subjects: I'll let you know if something comes up that bugs me.

OOC Contact:
Please reply to this post to discuss permissions, HMD, etc. All comments are screened
The Rani is a renegade Time Lady, an amoral scientific genius whose villainy comes not from the usual variety of lust for power, but from a mindset that treats everything as secondary to her research; she has been known to enslave entire planets to have a ready supply of experimental subjects and a place to carry out her experiments uninterrupted. Her major interest is in tinkering with other species' biochemistry. She was exiled from Gallifrey after some of her lab mice grew to enormous size and ate the President's pet cat, and according to The Master, "took a chunk out of him too".

More History )
The Rani's notoriety made her the second most wanted criminal in the galaxy, after the Master. While the Rani certainly did not share the Doctor's fondness for Earth, she considered it a "miserable planet," it was the focus of several of her research projects. She was also disdainful of humans themselves, and called them carnivores because they ate animals.

As with all Time Lords, the Rani was eventually recalled to Gallifrey to aid with the Time War. She wasn't to be a fighter, though. Her role was as a scientist. She knew other weapons (like The Moment) existed, so she hated the fact that she was to try to develop something that already existed. Still, she had no desire for the universe to be destroyed, so she did what she could to aid. She did fight in some of the smaller battles, especially when she had developed a new chemical that needed to be tested.

She was on Gallifrey when the Doctor used The Moment to end the Time War. She remembers being sealed in the Time Lock which was single moment of burning and dying, but never being allowed the release of Death. She remembers Gallifrey being saved too. And while the new timeline constantly tries to reset the former one, her brilliance allows her to remember both timelines. She understands why the Doctor did it, but her memories don't endear him to her.

She became instrumental in helping the Time Lords return Gallifrey from the pocket universe back to the main universe. In thanks for her services, she was granted a reprieve, but not a full pardon for her transgressions. After the Twelfth Doctor exiled Rassilon and the High Council and then left Gallifrey in utter social chaos, the General told her she would be given a full pardon if she were to find the Doctor and return him to Gallifrey since he was still technically Lord President. The Rani, reluctantly agreed.

The Rani is an amoral, but a brilliant scientific genius whose villainy came not from the usual variety of lust for power, but from a mindset that treated everything as secondary to her research and scientific endeavours. Prior to her experiences in the Time War, she was extremely arrogant, narcissistic, ruthless, powerful and intensely cruel. She was known to enslave entire worlds in order to have a ready supply of experimental subjects and a place to carry out her experiments uninterrupted. Her major interest was in altering the biochemistry of other species. She was also capable of linking a remote control to a TARDIS, something that other Time Lords had not been able to manage themselves.

More Personality )

Her quest to find the Doctor might also be seen as a quest for her to rediscover herself.

If you have questions, please post them below. This is a work in progress, so I am open to conversations about her.


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